Scan the QR Code on your customers' app

When your customers stop by the store, you validate their visits and loyalty transactions unlock based on what you set up. It's quick and easy!

Are you a shop owner?

Prepare your loyalty operations (number of visits, draws, ...) easily, they are then available on the application for your customers.

Highlight your best products and offer them for reservation so that your customers don't miss an opportunity.

Highlight your store on our app so that customers in the vicinity can easily find you.

Our dashboard allows you to keep an eye on the activity of your stores.

Follow the guide!


Create your account and subscribe

Only a few information are needed to create your account, it's very quick. Then choose the subscription formula that suits you.


Create your store

Fill in the necessary information like your contact details, opening hours, ... Put a nice picture of your store, a small description and it's done.


Create your loyalty operations

You can create several types of loyalty operations: an operation based on the number of visits of your customers or a raffle

Everything is ready!