Communicate with your customers via our application

You can now communicate more with your customers via our messaging contained in the mobile app...

Communicate with your customers via our application

Why communicate with my customers?

Communicating with your customers seems to us to be an essential thing: as a merchant, exchanging with your customers will allow you above all to get feedback on your products, your store, your services, your prices or any question you may have on a daily basis.

You will finally know what your customers think of you or what their desires are.

It is therefore a relationship of trust that you build with your customer: several advantages are to be taken into account when setting up a customer loyalty system.

Our application is equipped with an internal messaging system

We now have an internal messaging in our application: so you can exchange with your customers without having to go through their mailbox!

Upon receiving a new message from you, customers are alerted with a notification, this helps to get their attention.

Of course, you always have the possibility to send notifications to your customers, this is very useful for certain cases such as information on promotions, offers not to be missed, information reminders or destocking, for example.

Some examples of use

Organize an event

You are organizing an event in your store and you want to invite your customers to participate? Nothing could be easier, just send them a short message, you can even ask them to confirm their coming and possibly specify a time, if you need to organize yourself.

Involve your customers in your decisions

You want to implement a new product or service but you hesitate? Involve your customers and ask them to vote among several choices. Your customers will love to feel that their opinion matters to you!

Get feedback

Want to get feedback? Simply contact all your customers and get their opinion in a simple exchange with them.


In turn, we are constantly waiting for feedback, so if you have any suggestions on how to improve our messaging, don't hesitate to contact us!