Consuming local and helping small traders

Consuming locally also means showing solidarity with small merchants. Discover all the benefits!

Consuming local and helping small traders

What is local consumption?

When we talk about local consumption, we usually think first of food, but it is not only about that.

The health crisis of the last two years has made the big e-commerce sites explode while the small merchants had to close their stores. Now more than ever, it is time to support the small businesses around you!

Whether it is florists, bookshops, shoemakers, dry cleaners or even restaurants, bars and bakeries, all these businesses, very often local, provide you with services all year long. That's why you have everything to gain by helping them to offer you more services.

What are the advantages of local consumption?

The advantages of local consumption are very wide, here they are.

Put people back at the center of your consumption and be rewarded

The act of walking through the door of a store is something that is being lost more and more, to the detriment of online sales and parcels that pulp in your mailboxes.

According to this study from Statista, in 2018, shoes and clothing accounted for 18% of returned products: that's huge. So many customers who could have gone to the store to inquire and walked away with a decent purchase in the first place.

Let's not forget: merchants are first and foremost there to advise you and bring you their expertise.

Substantial environmental impact

In 2017, Amazon shipped over 5 billion items worldwide, which is over 13 million per day.

All of these packages are shipped by plane, ship and truck. While these companies are making efforts to become carbon neutral, in the meantime, the planet is in bad enough shape that we don't need this pollution, especially when it can be avoided.

Support your country's trade

Finally, consuming local means helping the shopkeepers near you but not only! It is also supporting your country!

Handcrafted and handmade products are often of much better quality than those produced in factories, with lower production costs and foreign workers.


Local consumption is above all supporting the whole economic chain: from the small local shops to the companies of your country and to the ecological impact of the planet.

Think about it the next time you shop! Push the door of the stores near you.

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