Customer loyalty: what are the stakes?

Whether it's the merchant or the consumer, everyone wins! Find out what your customer loyalty can do for you right now.

Customer loyalty: what are the stakes?

What is customer loyalty?

If you own a convenience store, you most likely have customers coming in and out of your store on a regular basis, but do you know your customers?

Customer loyalty is the fact of proposing a better service to your regular customers, so that they can project themselves more in your business and, if they find what they came for, it will prevent them from looking elsewhere.

It is therefore a relationship of trust that you build with your customer: several advantages are to be taken into account when setting up a customer loyalty system.

What are the advantages for my customer?

Sense of being listened to / of importance

A loyal customer is no longer simply a customer who comes into your store, makes a purchase and leaves. A loyal customer will come to your store on a regular basis and this will be important to him because you are offering him, by the fact that he comes regularly, advantages on his services.

You will then have the opportunity to exchange with your customer, to know his needs, his desires, and to be able to satisfy him even more afterwards.

Being able to benefit from discounts

The customer always wants to get value for money. If you can therefore offer him services at a reduced price, this is also a very big weight in the balance to lean towards your business rather than another.

You can for example set up a loyalty system such as the per visit program: after 3 visits in a month for example, you can offer a discount or a gift to your customer. This will only strengthen the bond you have with them and they will become aware of the importance you attach to them.

What are the advantages for the merchant?

Just like your customer, you will benefit from this relationship of trust that you will create with your customers.

Have regular customers

Having feedback on your products or your business is essential to improve yourself! Take advantage of their regular visits to engage in discussion with them and gather their expectations. They certainly have needs that you have not yet identified and if they have these needs, they are certainly not the only ones.

A loyal customer is 3 times more profitable

Statistics have shown that a loyal customer is 3 times more profitable for you: even if you offer him commercial gestures via loyalty operations. Indeed, the purchases that the customer will be able to disburse in your business and especially the satisfaction that he will have is an inestimable value for you.

Moreover, the word-of-mouth which will pass by the means of this customer will inevitably go up to you among his favorite business. You will then be able to potentially gain even more customers thanks to your loyal customer.

A better satisfaction score for your business

Today, the rating systems set up on the various platforms are very important because the visibility of your business depends on it.

A satisfied customer will not hesitate to give you a very good rating on these platforms and to recommend you as soon as he can. He will be your best ally!


A customer loyalty system allows you to multiply the confidence that your customers have in you and at the same time, your customers, by activating a satisfaction in them that they will not have in others.

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