Our features

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Reward your loyal customers


Manage your online store page.

Put your contact information, opening hours and a short presentation text of your store.

Loyalty operations

We know that your customers' loyalty is important to you.

Create and manage loyalty operations of several types: loyalty operations unlocked based on the number of passes or even raffles.

Passages in the store

When passing through your store, you scan the customer's QR Code in order to validate a pass.

If the customer unlocks a loyalty transaction, you are both notified and you can proceed to the delivery of the gain.

Communicate directly to your customers

Push notifications

You have the possibility to notify your customers during your marketing operations. A very targeted communication!

A promotion to come? Stock to be sold? Notify your customers!


Want to get feedback on your business, the products you sell? Ask your customers, they will give you valuable advice!

Send invitations to events, give them a voice, customers like to feel involved.

Track your store activity

Activity feed

Track activity in real time!

Updates your store information, products, operations, customer visits, don't miss any information.


Keep an eye on the activity of your store and adapt your operations according to it: you are the one who drives.

How many of your customers visit your stores every day? How many of them unlock a loyalty operation?

How many of your customers book products via the app?

So many questions that will now be answered.

Offer your products for reservation


Promote your products in the area

You have the possibility to add your products on our platform. This way, when a user is in the vicinity, he will be able to see that your product is available in your store.


You can also offer the possibility to book a certain quantity of your products.

You will then find the reservations on your dashboard and when the customer picks up their reservation, you can mark it as picked up.